Exercise to lose weight, such as skipping、swimming、 playing、running、 walking、cycling、 dancing、fitness…

If your goal is to lose weight, then you must do aerobic exercise, so many aerobic exercises, which is the most effective? The following one to analyze.

(1) Fitness

Fitness is composed of multiple actions with different strengths. Joining the intermittent generation plan, usually by the fitness club coach, you need to customize a course that suits you, the scientific weight loss fitness program, but it costs a lot of money.

(2) skipping rope

Skipping is actually a good sport, for example, jumping 100 times a minute, taking a break for 1 minute after each jump, then jumping 100 times. This cycle is a good one, and the skipping action is simple, if you don’t feel bored. Its weight loss effect is better than running.

(3) running

This is the word we say the most about weight loss. It is really a very healthy exercise, it is simple and convenient, it is not easy to get hurt, and it is more acceptable. For the fat burning effect, weight loss can improve heart and lung, effective fat burning, long-distance running, sprinting, running, jogging, these should be based on their own physical conditions, suitable for their own is the best

(4) swimming

Swimming is actually a very physical exercise. It’s just that we usually go swimming, 5 minutes of fitness and 5 minutes of play. We don’t always swim there like athletes. Most of them swim 100 meters for four or five minutes, playing with water. Because of the strong entertainment, it reduces the effect of weight loss. Moreover, studies have shown that swimming and running are different. After running, you will feel thirsty and have a great demand for water. After swimming, you will feel hungry and have a great demand for meat and carbon. So you can’t control your diet after swimming. Maybe you don’t have weight loss, it will make you fatter.

(5) Dancing

There are many kinds of dances, some have a strong dance, you can achieve a good weight loss effect, of course, and some dance steps are gentle, the same weight loss effect.

(6) Cycling

Stepping on a bicycle is also a good way to lose weight. The aerobic area of ​​the gym, in addition to the treadmill, is a spinning bike, and the weight loss effect is very good.

(7) Ball sports

Football, basketball, badminton, etc., although the contact with the ball sports will gradually decrease as the age becomes larger, but the weight loss effect of the ball sports is also very good. You see the school, like to play, the basic It won’t be fat, but strong and strong.

(8) walking

The weight loss effect of walking is there, but the effect is not very good. However, there is a class of people who must lose weight in this way. That is, people who are overweight, because they are overweight, the above exercise can cause knee injury in addition to swimming, so if you weigh more than 200 pounds, or you feel very Fat, then you can walk more. Walking for 1 hour is equivalent to calories burned for 35 minutes. As long as it is supported, it is also very effective.

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