1.Diet tea

From the medical principle, it is the sum of tea with detoxifying and beauty effects. A tea used to reduce obesity. The prescriptions vary, and the appropriate Chinese herbal medicines are added, which are said to reduce fat, reduce cholesterol, and eliminate fatigue. Click to read more

2.Diet pills/Slimming capsule

Diet pills are drugs that have the effect of slimming and slimming. Most of the principles of diet pills are the same: burning fat, accelerating metabolism, and increasing fat burning rate.  Click to read more

3.Weight loss stickers

The weight-loss sticker is a weight-loss product that absorbs the drug component through the skin or acupoints into the human blood to achieve weight loss. The active ingredient has an anti-feeding effect and has a diarrhea effect. In fact, the drug absorbed by the stomach is realized by external use, and the consumption of fat is accelerated. Click to read more

4.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made from high-quality concentrated apple juice, fermented into apple alcohol, and then connected to acetic acid bacteria. It uses modern high-tech technology to metabolize apple alcohol to apple vinegar, and then ferment the two substances that are metabolized and metabolized. Blended with the unique fruit flavor of apple juice, blending apple vinegar drinks with different acidity. Click to read more


Enzyme therapy to lose weight refers to a method of weight loss by supplementing enzymes, accelerating body metabolism, and consuming excess fat to achieve weight loss goals. Enzyme therapy is to supplement the body’s essential enzymes, so that the body can achieve conditioning and healing through its own balance.Does enzymes help you lose weight? Click to read more

6.Slimming cream

Slimming cream is a topical cream product, which is applied to the skin to reduce subcutaneous fat and make body posture special skin cosmetics. It contains various substances that burn fat and maintain skin to achieve slimming effect.

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