Do you remember how you got fat? It seems that everyone’s process from thin to fat is a slow process, which means that they are fat without knowing it.

So how do fat people come from?

Why are you fat?

According to statistics,

15% of people are fat before the age of 15;

14% are fat when they are 15-19 years old;

18% are fat when they are 20-29 years old;

33.8% are fat when 30-39 years old;

At the age of 40- 49, 28.1% were fat;

at 50-59, 56% were fat;

those over 60 rarely gained weight.

Causes of obesity

1.Physiological aspect

When people are between 30-35 years old, the functions of various organs begin to decline, such as the function of the heart, the function of the respiratory system, and the metabolism of the corresponding organs naturally declines, and the calorie consumption will also decrease, and the accumulated fat will Very accurate in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

2. Sports aspects

When people reach middle age, due to psychological and practical reasons, mental and physical labor is reduced, calorie consumption is also reduced, and outings and sports are reduced, so that extra calories are converted into fat.

3. Spiritual aspects

After the middle age, all aspects, including the status of the family and the family, tend to be stable and calm, and many people have to follow the experience after they have known their lives. These are caused by the action of the spirit on the nerves and the action of the nerves on the endocrine.


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